Picture Framing Workshop


The Coln Gallery opened 1975, as a Picture Framing Workshop. Most of our large premises in Fairford is still devoted to framing.

But we are not quite the usual framers that you might find on any high street and, if you are looking for a competitive quote to frame that poster that you have been given, we may not be the right place to look.

Frames - We specialise in traditional hand made frames made to the highest standard that will last the test of time and passing fashions. 

Mounts - We do not like the coloured mountboard that most framers use. To us, the colours are too strong. We prefer to paint our own mounts. Our colours are muted and soft and do not fight with the artwork for attention.

Glass - We offer a selection of different types of glass that are in line with our conservation aims for your artwork.

Conservation - We use only the best conservation materials available and so our clients can draw on our long years of experience to guide them towards a result that they will cherish and that they will be confident will last for years to come.

To give some indication of our current pricing we have shown the cost of a 20 by 16 inches frame, as an example.

If you would like to discuss some framing options for your special picture, please call me to make an appointment.

Bill Banbury

01285 71251