Clairefontaine Craft Paper and Card - Grey


Clairefontaine Maya paper is an excellent quality, smooth paper available in a wide range of colours. The paper is woodfree, acid free (except black) and the smooth surface is well adapted for drawing, cutting, gluing, folding etc. A good paper for many art and craft uses including presentation, advertising and card making. Woodfree. Acid free. 120 gms.

Colours Available
White, Black
Dark Green, Antique Green, 
Moss Green, Turquoise
Red, Burgundy, Intense Pink
Royal Blue, Blue, Violet
Lemon, Intense Yellow
Brown, Ivory, Grey.

Sizes Available
A1 -   2 Sheets 
A4 - 10 Sheets

Weights Available
120gms Paper 
270gms Card

A1 sheets will be sent rolled in a cardboard tube, A4 sheets will be sent flat

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