Water Gilding - E6


Water Gilding - E6

Water Gilding is a long process but the results are worth it. Because the gold is so thin, and it is burnished onto the clay beneath it shines with a depth that no other process can match.

Method - The first step is to seal the wood with Rabbit's Skin Glue and then leave it for a day. Six coats of warm gesso, sanded to finish. Four coats of red bole, sanded and polished to finish. The leaves of 23ct carat gold are laid onto the bole, which has been flooded with water. The water pulls the sheet onto the bole and, as the water dries, the gold is carefully pressed down. Next day the golf is burnished to a brilliant shine and then very carefully distressed. Although the gold will never tarnish, we normally protect it with a very diluted clear lacquer. We then paint the edges of the frame with a colour and the final step is to wax the whole frame.

The whole process takes a week, so we try to work on a batch of frames at the same time to keep the costs down.

Price for 20 by 16 inches frame.

For prices for further sizes, please call.


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